This broken heart
Doesn't get better
With "I'm sorry I hurt you
But that's what you're into with me"
And no pain is reduced
By your letters of virtue
No sign of apology

And I'll get no sleep for the rest of the week
'Cause my chest wants to beat out your name
My chest wants to beat out your name

The clock has not passed
And no time has elapsed
Since the first day that I felt this way
And no thought was given
To how much I've hurt him
No conscience as she walks away
Unconscious as we walk away

And these thoughts won't erase
The time or the place when I felt so in love

And this bitter taste, it is linked to your face
And I'm drowning the skies up above

With prayer and tears
With failures and fears

Now I'll walk around with this terrible sound
Of a drum in my lungs of shame
And I'll hold my breath till the moment of death
When I die I will burst into flames
And I'll have no peace or a sign of release
Till my chest beats out your name

Now everyone knows and our secrets are blown
But I don't care what people say
Now you're out on your own and you're so far from home
But forgiveness is out of your way
And no drug or no pill
You will never refill the greatest of all my divides
No change of location or turning of pages
Can put back the color in my eyes

And I feel as if I'm alone
And filling your ear through the phone
Asking for prayer and tears
Less failure and fears

These feelings like orchards with apples of torture
Still I am inclined to bite
Red like your lips they are perfectly gripped by mine
Full of your poison inside
They are perfectly poisoned inside
There is nothing but poison inside
These words are my healing my inner most dealings
Through verbal and mental reprise
My chance to scream and to clean my blood stream of you
My words without your replies
These are my words without your replies

And your life is a movie, each moment's a new scene
And I've bought every line that you've said
But you've stopped short of a sequel and nothing can equal
The twist that you'll find in the end

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