Lord, I'm breaking
Please undo these chains I've placed upon myself

'Cause she had everything
And everything's what she took
Now I got nothing
But you'll be my second look
I was leaning on her beauty, skin deep
Now I am waiting
In this hollow dream I sleep

I fell away into the wonders of her face
I traded you in for her temporary grace
Try to understand that I have a heart for you
But I am just a man
And I know it's no excuse

She came to take me away
And I was blocking out all you had to say
And though I lost her love I found my way
All at the price of a little heartache

The more I come to find
She always said "you're on your own"
And so we lived a lie
And together felt alone
But in you I could confide
To lay me down when I am weak
And lift my eyes past the pleasures people seek

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