Hope is the match
Is the flame
That lights your wick
It burns you down
Tragic bound
To your dynamite stick

It blows a hole
Breaks the stone
Of your foundation
There's a highway now
In and out
Of your one time mountain

So should I sink with this ship
That tried to cross your ocean
The captain I miss
I'm sailing your lips
How I wish they would open

Every word I've said has been like bread
Rested on your tongue and tasted
Rip my words apart with your teeth
Only swallow what you think you need

There is no chorus in our song
We've been writing the verse as we just move along
We've got nothing to come back to

I play the chords and your words are the lyrics
Over and over, we go delirious
We've got nothing to come back to

I spent so long watching you bloom
Before you withered
I ran to get water for you
But you fell to winter
Thought you were strong
Thought you'd hold on
But your roots had hardened
Found out I was wrong
That you belonged
In someone else's garden

You are my only reason to write
Ten thousand words on a blank page
But a full head at night

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