Intro: Redman
Hey baby bring me something to drink in here
Sit down and watch a little TV.

[KRS One]
(static) Yo they comin'. It's crazy but I know it they comin'. Maybe not
lately I feel it coming. I knew it they comin'. (static) This just in.
President (static) I guarentee (static) Jim...Jimmy Jimmy wake up. Jimmy!
(static) Only the Lord can save (static) 5.99 no obligation (static) Let me
start to rock this mic (static) Now the polar bear hybernates (static) And
and what was going through your mind right now.

Look aat these weak MC's getting G's
Never wore BVD's or even bellbottom Lees
Please, with these fantisies about you selliing keys
When you know you bees in front of the TV eatin' grilled cheese
On your knees you know my steez
Kris is nice with theses M-I-Cs
I'm Poison like BBD the plot thickens while I be hitten
And lyric lickin', flippin' any mix and over the skippin'
And cable clippin', still sickenin'
Even though some people ain't admitting
Through they system I keeps it kickin'
And tippin' the scale I pay tuiton not bail
Drink water not ale, MC Hammer hits it right on the nail
I can't fail with my 7 stripes
Strike one pierces the lung over the drum MC's become dumb
Like "um?" They numb, bite the tongue over the bass drum
I am D the MC like Run, spittin' lyrics for fun
And for a sum of the bread crumb
You missed when you swung, I connected whole hum
Another one done underestimated KRS-1, yeah so...

Redman: Say blowe
KRS-1: If you really want true skill
Redman: Say blowe
KRS-1: If you want the hip hop to build
Redman:Say blowe
KRS-1: We rock it all year round

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