Grab a hoe to ya seats
My style bulldoze the streets
I talk dirty puncture hoes in my teeth
Cavity creep I'm young hung over thirty
You with it move with it
Not shut up I'm cool with it
Doctor Jurassic four rap tour wrap your
Head in a gorging in trenches where rats crawl
It's mine (brrrr) that's yours
My gun is bisexual it's hitting male or female when I'm letting go
This is a code alert my truck rim size dimmable
Or Jordan shirts 23's got to work
We stick to the streets my shell toe's Velcro
There I go wearing wool standing with scarecrow
Y'all niggas barely move me
Till you grow some balls like miss Mann from Scary Movie
You banned from being mooly
I keep it black gutter white gutter
Chinese gutter by these brothers
Here try these f**kers here

All my niggas let's do it
All my bitches florin that ass let's do it
Looks a crooked eye muthaf**ka let's do it
Meth and Doc we got it locked let's do it
Man my block let's do it

[Method Man]
I'm just to cool in the game it's a beautiful thang
Street pharmaceutical slang scoop loose in the brain
While mo gin juicing my gin abusing yo chin
Be losing your religion again when the venom kicks in
Living with sin citizen X triple the threat
Mad dog wreck a animal house send in the vets
There it goes picking my nose fixing my clothes
At the same time keeping my flows different from yo
Low key with the gold teeth have a OC on my person
Looking at y'all niggas like y'all owe me
For certain I'm all that my foe mack
Wearing out ya do mat I'm hurting commercialised acts
It's a wrap pull the curtain
Long John be long gone
I pop shit and pop more bottles then Sean Don
I got chip I'm just to ghetto like Banton
Mike V it's all in my jeans like Sean John

[Chorus] 2x

Oow put ya ear to the train track I'm still coming
I stroke different after hours ya feel drumming
Peel lemons and put em in bitches coronas
Hoping bitches will bone us
Throw they lips on my Jona
Where all my dirty fingernail tell her right hell
I'm a lay patient to play Jason and when u nightmare
STOP pop? and we order toys
Medulla oblongata mean on them water boys
Gorilla man do whatever
I'm bound to make a fan do the same thing Stan did in a letter
I bounce with a bitch with a ounce on a trip
Take her girlfriend nutt in they mouth when they kiss
And I make em SCREAM I go banana yo
With animal anecdotes with Hannibal hammer loads
You be ducking like the pope when he bow in
You get that for touching pit throats when they chow in

[Chorus] 2x

[Method Man]
Now that's that shit
That makes me zone the f**k out
In the club and get thrown the f**k out
Now ain't that a bitch
If y'all ain't with us then forget us
Miss Ebon? hip hop gorilla's
Damn just do the damn thing ruin in the game
For everybody barrie the body ruining my name
Meth man left hand Game Boy Advanced
Def Jam's employee of the month now let's dance

[Chorus] 2x

[Method Man]
Haha let's do it
Haha let's do it
Haha let's do it
Haha let's do it
Haha let's do it
Meth and Doc
All my peoples all my bitches
Meth and Doc

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