Chorus Ginuwine:
We comin straight out of prison
We've been in there for a long time neverrrrrrrr go to prison.

I just got out of prison I'm so glad but my other

Dogg Meth
He still stuck in there and he never goin to come out.
Why all ya'll think I'm the only man
I'm not the only there's

Methodman Afroman + more.
Peace but before I go I have to score.

Chorus: Dr.Dre:
What's up all ya'll fool's ya'll think
I'm old well bump ya'll ya'll think
I don't got no gun's but when I come over your house
You goin to be suprised shoot.

Chorus: Snoopdogg:
Welcome to the world of the do double g.
In my world pimp's are called playa's and playa's are called pimp's.
I used to be in nolimit but
Bump those figga's tryin act like gangsta's painsta's
You mite as well be a wanksta peace.

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