I doesn't need lie for you
You know of all about me
But don't have courageous
Things happen so fast
That neither the time could take
Everything goes nowhere, everything collapses
My world is no longer the same
Great life we lead

I pull the stream of my existence
I wanted to be full speed
I lift my head
And I'll the fight again
So I say ok
I look at you all on the corridors to school
I see I'm not like you
I step wrong during the entire year
The sign of warns the end of the world
It is December 14th and I'm here alone

I am here to say I miss you
You still look at me
The flames have not yet faded
The love I know it's there
Everything maybe has stayed with us
But I'll take my heart to you
I'll hold until the end
No matter what happen
I know
I believe you loved me someday
Here I am ready to live my life
I miss you
I miss you

Nothing is like before
I say "Girl wakes up to reality"
I think I'm fine without them
Today is the last day
Each will follow a different path
You are not like me

I need a little magic
Baby you're my safety
You were here all the time
I believe that you'll going to hear my forgive
I will give a stop to it
Baby I Love You

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