I'ts ironic I'm conversing with a dead man in my living room
He astonished that I see beyond the physical
Voice kinda sounding like the chords off of a musical
Clutching this invisible umbilical, and

Claiming connection to my claims of religion, the spirit dimension, the ethereal belief system
My heart skips assimilating the rhythm
He tells me listen

He says:
Are you watching closely or too close to see the bigger picture
Coached that as you grow, you trust in your intuition
You're treated with the conditions, the terms and definitions
Of your world and it's systems through another's exposition

You're chasing after the wind, running after the light
Bet your best form of expression is another man's insight
Another man exposes you to everything that's right
Everything that you love, everything that's delight

Everything you abhor, everything that you spite
Everything that's conventional, everything that's polite
You're grateful for the relief, you never really had to fight
For the knowledge that is belief, the knowledge that's in sight

Knowledge you have received is the knowledge that is your right
You're gratified in the darkness, terrified of the light
A little shift in paradigm is inspired by a thing you define
Restricted by what your knowledge confines

Can't think for yourself, ignorance is your intelligence
Fear has become a culture, your history is irrelevant
You'd be abnormal if you were able to see an elephant
In a room full of swine, brainwashed by the design

Never discerning the signs, unable to explain
What is written within the lines
And y can't x plane
Everything is a matrix, an illusion that you can't fix
Go on, light your matches, you'll realize when you try

I seen the figures in the graphs and heiroglyphs, I decode them
It's leverage for the blind, beverage for the mind
Call it self education, call it the unrefined
But then again it's all the same one, all one of a kind

With a crooked smile, he tells me to
Get up on his level
Get to see things from his point of view
Connecting all of the dots

Collecting all the reports
Of our world and how it spins
The forces that spin our hearts, how we're the universe within

Understanding the love of God enough to will myself in him
Teach each other to elevate, teach a brother how to dream
Discussing the nephilim, deliberating their regimes
Indoctrinate another in the sound of unsound doctrines

Pagan representations of what we know as divinity to worship of the unclean
Feeding of the machine
Feeding off of the machine
Revelations of mysteries that's hidden bout the supreme
In the silence of our inner

Hidden right under our noses, coated by our esteem
It's all been front of you, for how long will it be unseen?
Silence the mind. How can you speak if you don't listen?
Number your days, apply your heart to wisdom

What's conviction in conviction but conviction
Learning newer words to expressing my contradiction
Coming with a lighter in my hand, burning my hypothermia
Hoping I can stand and understand to understand...

I try to remind myself I'm just an ordinary man
Sojourning through life, pursuing the way to the promised land
Nothing but plain matter, functioning in nothingness of nothing that don't matter
And nothing don't matter

He tells me its all or nothing when you're nothing at all
You might be human, but it's just a covering for the soul
The covering that is me, a cadaver you control
We are the same and nothing we do is ever small

There's nothing ordinary about the seed of the I am
If yahweh made me what I am, I am
I ignite, then take flight
Light up the satellites with every word that I recite
Every lyric that I write

Every thought I provoke
Every discipline I poke
Every wrath I invoke
I'm steady rocking the boat

Spitting lyrics you backstroke to
Deep enough to back-stroke you
Then attempt to break it down and break your dawn too
Exposing you to light, have you aboard of my shuttle, when I shuttle through the universe and back
Through my future and your past

Take you back to the future
Bringing the realness back
With the truth that fears no question

Bringing the illness back
Bulimic to your expressions
Throw up to the fakeness of your beliefs
Watch you throw hands up to all that I can give

Buzzing you to your lightyears
Until its the returning of the son
To infinity and beyond

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