Call dem, call dem!
Dem should a been here before,
How dem think dem job a just pick bodies off the floor

Someboy call di 911,
Some bwoy a get shot and blood a run run run,
Dial up the 911,
And mek dem send the police dem come.
Somebody call di 911
Bwoy dem late dem should a come a long time before
Dial up di 911
How dem feel dem job a just pick bodies off the floor

Babylon try get the best of me,
All when me need them help its like dem blind and dem nuh see we
Kymani dem a try fi shoot and try fi kill we
Protect and serve? Dem bwoy deh must be crazy
When me call 911 they put me on hold,
Classic music me hear while bodies get cold
Dem should a hurry up and run fast as bolt
But police only run when dem chasing fi di gold


Richie what you telling me?
Babylon those are the enemies?
Fi a small draw of herb dem charge I with a felony,
But dem cyaan win dat bakkle yah,
Ready fi fight come mek we fight dung another war
Please, pass me bible light me chalwa,
Kymani stand firm in the corner of the sufferers,
No 911 for me nah...


911 phone already dialed, leave a message after beep but dem neva did reply
King selassie I is guiding I, bun a fire hotta red trample and paralize

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