This is for my lady
Lay your head to rest,
Let go out the stress,
I will take care of the rest
So chill
Stare into my eyes,
Get me hypnotized
I'll be by your side everyday
So chill

Mamma always told me,
Watch how you treat those ladies.
Give her sweet love and honesty
Don't keep her waiting
That's why I got to let you know
I'm giving you my heart, mind and soul
Done wasting time with the wrong girl
Too many pretty faces in the world
Oh, I love you so
No, I don't want no other girl
So baby

Oh yes I done said it,
Wanna get it right I don't wanna regret
I'm a different man baby give me some credit
Put your trust in me,
I ain't gonna break it

Oh, I been around the world and I came back to you
Yes I need you baby like the sky needs blue
No more lying, no more crying, true!
I'm down on my knees begging would you be my boo.
Yeah, I'm gonna change my ways
Oh, baby I love you

I, don't wanna hurt you no more
I, I need another chance, just one more
I, said I'm a different man please baby understand
I was wrong the other time I wanna try again

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