I have something held in
I wanna share it
Wan't you to be my queen
Woman me never quit

And tell me you do, you know I love you
You know it is true.
Lie down pon my side and give me a try
I never wanna lose you
Woman yuh sit down pon yuh corner roll up me marijuana,
Me want to flex with you from the bedroom to the sauna
And let me know you love me
So star, keep on rising, high
We're always changing
But no matter how the world is spinning I will never lose you


So wine dutty wine, pop off di bassline
Shake it off and mek me see yuh buss that waistline
Loving is loving and man say flexing is flexing
Sometimes you love sometimes you flex,
But you gotta do your best...
Sex is the thing that keeps me running and running
That gives me loving and loving while me kissing and caressing

Love me, wanna lock you in my arms
Love me, girl you can't escape my charms
Love me, let this be our last thing, empress you know this is


All dem empresses all dem gangstas, you better respect one



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