Me can't live with you
Me can't face it, no day.

She say she's gonna leave me, cause a nuh love me feel
She said believe me, if you loved me for real
You would miss me, miss me.
Guess wha bieby.

Now I'm missing you,
So now you know it's true,
You told me if I cared I'd think about you,
So I'm missing you,
What you gonna do?
Baby I love you I proved it to you.

Forget all the times that you cried,
Baby wipe the tears from your eyes.
Cause I will never, hurt you no never,
Put your trust in me forever,
Mek her know seh man a lover not a gangsta.
Me nuh kill people, sexual healing weh me sponsor,
That gyal deh weh you see me with wha day she was my sister
Could a never trick you nuh cause babygirl man a nuh trickster
So open your heart and surrender, to my heart there's no more

So me sing again, don't listen to them cause I won't hurt you no



I know I did you wrong but that's all in the past,
The present and the future me want mek it last
I know I did you bad, I know I made you sad,
But don't forget the times me mek you happy and glad

Memba me say blame it on me, bieby
Wine up and put it on me,
Me waan erase the sadness and mek you happy
So nuh badda with the argument of plenty of fish a roam inna di

Cause I'll never let you go again
Baby you're my very best friend, I will never let you go, cause I



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