Look into my eyes, do you realize
Been working all day but me still nuh get nuh prize,
Pure lies, dem neva want to see me on the rise,
Always want to see we fail and never get nuh bligh,
Cause everyday we strive, nah everyday survive.
Hypocrites a try fi catch we dead or alive,
So why we never give up? why me never quit?
Allmighty god a guide me road, me haffi trod it

And i will never lose my faith
Cause i know jah is there for me
And i will never lose my faith
Cause i know god has a plan for me

See it clear, tired fi see the baby mothers suffer round here
Tired fi look a job and me nuh see it nowhere,
It's like them want me starve and a war and a get inna me car and

Cross the frontier
Bout dem nuh want see me dead, but a lie dem a tell dem aim fi we

All we want is a piece of bread, but dem bwoy dem a offer gunshot



So watch the road weh you a trod
Nuh bwoy can never stop me out a road a me nuh fraud
Dem never see the light amd yah pussy nah know god
Yuh gwaan like yuh a gangsta so answer me
Why your friend dem never did a tell me seh yuh bad
Man hear, me deh with the allmighty so no bwoy can make me scared
Cant stop me out a road and yuh cant stop me round here
Me nah go stop fi hold me head up high
And we nah lose the faith because we can't.


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