I gotta sing it, yeah
My baby come back to me,
Take a little step back wine fi me,
I really need you here so close to me.

My baby's home alone,
She won't pick up the phone,
I'm wondering if she's thinking of me.
I really wonder why she thinks that Im that guy,
That'll make her cry...

So baby just please say yeah yeah yeah
And baby just don't say no no no
Let the night flow, and you'll know
If this love is fake or true.

I know I've been away for a long time,
But that's about to change it's the right time
For me to show you that I care for you.
Forget about the years that have gone by
Im really gona change and here's why,
I never wanna, I never wanna, lose you again...


Well babygirl uh I, need a little something from you,
Can we just get together and chill,
Cause it's real the way I feel for you,
So take it easy, we're gonna make it better, take it easy...


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