Yo strappa,
A wha do some idiot bwoy,
Move like dem beg fi get shot and destroyed

Shook ones remix,
Some bwoy come with bag a lies and tricks
Run go tell dem

Why dem want me, start di war again!
Buss di mac again!
So tell dem we nah go fight! we nah go run! we nah go fraid a dem!
We ago pitty them, nuh waist shot fi murda dem,
Dem betta low di ting because we nah go look twice at dem!

A wha do dat freak ya,
Him just a likkle fish a try fi live outta water
So if a war with him me woulda call on me daugther
Se don't even know fi speak but she would kill him with "papa!"

Don't fuck with a terrorist
Osama said fi bring a disaster me deliver this
Yuh mada haffi call on yuh pastor from u ever diss
Mac 11 never miss!
So don't u start a war because me nuh even want to picture this! yuh see dis?

When dem hear autotune dem vex and dem bitch
Then dem hear me sing and dem itch.
Because the melodies dem sound criss

So from a bwoy violate nuh gunshot can miss
Now di nozzle of mi gun yuh gwaan kiss
Mek u disappear in action like witch

So when u hear "knock knock", "who is it?"
Me and me gun tall nuh midget!
The amount a shot u get will mek u call dem 3 digit
911 fi tek u hospital admit it, bwoy yuh de-de-de-deeeeeee

Dead! gunshot a buss out yuh head
Attack and mek skull crack and wall it ago red
We fling stone like fred, break bone like jesus break bread
So nuh feel nuh way fi fight cause man a real hothead!


So a war cause dem tek way too far
So me haffi call upon me glock and lay yuh body pon di tar
Slr pointing out the window of me car,
Empty the magazine shoot up the endz dem weh u par.

So dem bwoy deh want get me vex, send me text.
And call up me phone all when a night just to send me threats!
So me answering machine go suh next:
"leave a message after the beep and me guh lay yuh to rest"

Me nuh even waste time cause dem shook,
Cause there aint no such thing as half way crooks! (x2)

Afta dis me done talk yuh seeit?
Watch yuh back when outta street
Careful whe u step and watch u feet
Cause if the rifle ever beat and the thugs fi yuh a seek,
Dem a ago mek sure fi lock yuh heart beat

So me see yuh shivering while me songs delivering
Like fedex we have the perfect timing
So if u really want fi test yuh have the number and adress
So name the time and place come start the kill fest

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