Damn... How this happened to me?
How this happened to me rudeboy?
Me nuh know... Memba what mma used to say? She was right don't?

This is what you should do when you think about life
Study get a job, raise a family with your wife,
This is what you should do instead of buying a gun...
No violence no never paid no education

To have a good job you need education
No mingle with them criminal and dem mad plan
Mek sure seh yuh nah sell your soul to satan
Careful nah fi sleep with no diseased woman
1,2,3 you got aids its easy,
"Anita, RIta, Anne Marie, Jody or Sherry?
Which a dem bitches game me HIV?"
But you made the mistake too, dont you see?

Infected and neglected and your kids are hungry
What you gonna do bredda how's it gonna be
Reach at home your wife she looks mad and angry
She said just let me go before you infect me
It's too late to admit all your mistakes,
Your children nah fi pay fi your escapes
She said leave please, if you bring nothing home but that wicked


Now you lay down in your bed and take a look back on life,
Your friends are gone your kids dem living with your ex-wife
Everyday a struggle everyday another strife,
You got nothing to hold you down to this sad life

You think this tune is gonna help you solve your problem,
And think that by the end you'll know the solution,
But bredda let me tell you what's the real lesson,
You fucked up your life and that's the conclusion.

Nah fuck no man nah rob nuh bank nah sniff no cocain
How this happen to me can someone please explain,
No man can help you out the answer's in your brain,
How you fi mess your own life and the you complain?
You so damn ignorant and now you ashamed.
You pray everyday and it is in vain.
But bwoy, you still alive, mek sure you change your ways today and

you'll survive...

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