Oh yeah
Yes a Richie Campbell come fi defend it again,
Striaght from Portugal, FrontLine!

Hear me sing whoa,
Too much gunshot a buss and dem gangsta dem bwoy self destroy
Hear me sing whoa,
When we a tell dem seh fi stop move like greeks that a run up in troy
So me sing whoa
Magazine dem a run up in the ghetto and dem replace the toy
So me whoa

Nuh badda fi press nuh gun fi come a ja
Just tell the yutes a gully that you come fi buy di ak
And mek sure seh yuh notice dem nuh have nuh food a belly
Cause Marley said your hungry then your trigger finger itchy

You angry man chant
Tired fi see mother a ball man cant
So from yuh burn dem dutty ways chant whoa
Cause dem fi know we nah go stand fi see our children die outta road no more.


Me see seh dem a innocent
But still cant afford fi pay dem own judgement
Dem get arrested and leave the baby mom pregnant
How him fi work when him supposed to be a student

So me sing uuuh
Baby mother struggling !!!!
Bun out all dem battling
Weeeh want me kids fi see tomorrow
Tired of the pain and sorrow


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