Bandz a make her dance
(Maybach Music)
Bands a make her dance
Bands a make her dance
All these chicks poppin' pussy
I'm just poppin' bands
Bands a make her dance
Bands a make her dance
These chicks clapping
And they ain't using hands

She sweet as my swisha when I know she get richer
Take you shopping for hours just for my incident pictures
Listen: bands a make her dance
Mills a make me move
For years I paid my dues, now I'm paid to wear my shoes
We box for the weak, I rocks with the streets
Over time to the bees, haters give em swish cheese
If I gave em a jar he'd smoke powder for me
Gotta pull double shifts just to count all my cheese
You want this money bitch?
Come and get it ho
Racks in the air, bands on the floor
Now dance on the money, that's a money rug
She got her titties be as shots and time to tuck
She bad as fuck, I'm turning up
I'm hard in the pen
Ya'll be bad dick and ratchet hoes, the whole Slab case
Bands a make her, 50 make her fuck
That ice would make her bite
That coup will make her suck)

Pop that pussy for a real nigga
Pull out my black card, that's my lil nigga
Make a movie with yo bitch Steven Spiel nigga
Smoking on Keish Cole, give me chills nigga
What's your real name and not your stripper name
I make it rain on ya like a window pane
Bands a make her dance
Tunechi make her cum
Hit it from the side like a motherfucking bass drum
Two hoes on one fucking pole
Two hoes on my fucking pole
I don't tip I pay bills bitches call me buffalo
Her stomach in and her ass out
I'm flyer than the ones they pass out
If money grow on trees, I branched out
I'm just waiting on my bitch to cash out

2 Chainz, four bracelets
Let me see that ass clap, standing ovation (TRU)
If yo girl don't swallow kids, man that ho basic
Got two bitches with me: take a shot at one ho, using her friend for a chaser
(Bands a make her bust it) Buss it
(Let me see you touch it) Touch it
Money talk, you ain't got none, end of discussion! (Damn!)
(Bands a make her do it) Do it
(Pocket full of money) Money
Young nigga gettin' head while tha engine runnin' (Errrgh!)
Let me see you wiggle, do it for a real nigga (Yeay!)
I be laughing to the bank, all you do is giggle
Ballin' in my coupe, call it sports car
Drop the top and freaky treat that bitch just like a pornstar

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