Hottest niggas in the game
Mmg, tour starts in a few weeks
If you fucking with it, fuck with me
Ha ha

Watch me cost a buck, chain cost me a truck
Double m be the clique my coupe more than your bus
Think it’s all facade, but nigga just double r
See me jumpin on stage, more chains than mardi gras
Bitches been going wild hate to sound cliche
Give me two bitches we could do this three ways
Four miss calls on my iphone five
Bitch six feet tall got me fighting for my life
Telephone lines ringing, calling angie martinez
Think I’ve just seen the boss, see dating to puerto rican
All gold jewels in this snow white mink
Kanye shoes sorry no id, john legend flow the magnificent me
Rohan give me marley coffee by the key
Got the weed roll twist hard a few weeks
She said fuck me, must wanna fuck me
Man we be the clique, man I’m so the shit
Boy just simmer down, man I take the bitch
Yeah we at the game and we sit front row
Every time you see me I’ll be on the front row
Thick cuban link, new benz, gold piece
Benz outside ain't even gotta speak
New cuban link with the all gold piece
Benz outside I ain’t even gotta speak, uh

As I look around and I do it like my clique (maybach music)
You know this bad bitches they want the, they want the, they want

Yeah I’m talking gun play, yeah I’m walking too
Yeah that nigga ready, yeah that defo true
Yeah I’m really bad yeah I out anybody
Point him out, I light a joint and take his face and out it
Yeah I spill my corse on your michael kors, whore
Yeah so the fuck what? I could buy you more
Yeah in front of hood, yeah I’m from the floor
Hoes in the roof, hardly had a door
Kitchen on door, pitchin on purp
Free different digies all lit up like a fur
Nigga where your fee, see the white fright hair
So matter ain’t think everything pair
Man the clique

Yeah yeah yeah
Now it's the double m dream team doing something special
Bout to kill the shit so get the casket and the shovel
And new olympic sevens I need rings and the medal
When I’m not from trillville but I tell 'em get up on my level
I’m always going higher, I’m still mo' fire
Do a lot of stuntin' but it’s only too inspire
Remember just a year ago these hoes ain't wanna speak
Now they all be tryin to freak, they think I know wale and meek
I got a bad white bitch I know they spend cake on
Just hope that she never fall off like kreayshawn
Even if she do forever I’m shit
So much dope I’ma get we legit
I ain’t fucking with my clique

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