Been intense since it all began
Don't ask me about it cause I got it
I work hard, yeah, I put work in
He shining up and I drive it
I ain't saying that I'm bragging, babe
I just like to celebrate my accolades

Push it to the limit like a big body Benz
Push it to the limit, push it, push it to the limit

Love saying how I feel about my life right now
My hair so high and I can't come down
So I'm high and I'm on it, on it
He feeling my persona trying to push up on me
I'm ready and willing and capable
So come get it, what are you waiting for?
Cause I'll let it hit it, now watch it blow
Not finished with it, you see the smoke
Oh, what I could give you is almost perfect, babe
I ain't got no worries, look into my pain

If you want it, I got it
That body on me, I got it
Then wake up, I got it
Think heavily and I got it
Got this body on lock and we can take it there
Anything that you'd think off, I got it, got it, take it to the air
I got it, don't know if you've got it
Bottles on a few bodies, spending millions like you got it
Cause you may never get another night like this
So push it to the limit if you about to stack the limit

Rick Ross:
She knowing I'm the hottest, knowing I'm the biggest
Fuck being modest, I'm worth 50 million
Bricks on, can sign me, killed Carolina
Bulletproof coupes, silk-shirts designer
She wanted cappuccino so I bought the Starbucks
2 point 4, that's off 2 notch road
Nickles on the corner, pickles in the salad
Pictures on the wall, chickens in the attic
Choppers in the Phantom, bezel's on the watches
Hate in your heart, really you the target
They say I'm hard to kill, there's money on my head
(Let's make it right tonight)
Mastermind coming, still running from the fed

If you on it like I'm on it then come on it, we gon' flaunt it
I'mma stand on top off the globe
I don't, I don't think you're ready, but this thing is dripping wet
Tell me what you trying to do
I could have you floating higher than what you got in that cup
I could tear that thing up, I could tear that thing up
Got you creeping up behind as you feeling up on mine

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