Spoke about it twenty-four days ago
Talked about it twenty-three years away
Asked about it never to be lost again
That feeling of emotion

He sang about it twenty days long ago
Heard about it nineteen everlasting wars
Though about it twenty-six times a day
That feeling of destruction

No one could ever rely on the words of the truth
In the battlefield
Someone is there through the time of events
They will speak your name, sing your voice
Speak they will shine, they will sing in your heart
Never let it be, never let it sing
Let it reach always the song for you
In the darkness there's always a song for you

So they wrote a book about it saying really many times
And no one ever talks about it 'till they come alive
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Always to be known as the ones that changed the course
I see them demonstrating everywhere,
Believe this is happening,
Truth is always going to be strong
Changing our thoughts of war
In the darkness, changing our thoughts of war

So he wants the truth and the good in every soldier
Coming on unbroken in the battle for the cause
They will show that each will be given the freedom that comes
With a heavy load and other lives and other dreams
Wounded inside
Lost forever
'Twenty-three, twenty-four, eleven'

So he wrote it down
'Twenty-three days, twenty-four minutes, eleven hours
And I'll be gone and gone out of this
Desolate place, this desolate waste'

We are the first generation to know
That more really doesn't relieve
It just breaks the song clearly around us
'Twenty-three, twenty-four, eleven'
'Twenty-three, twenty-four, eleven'

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