"Whoso put out this sword from the stone of anvil. Is the true born king of all Britain!"

Upon a new dear´s day
A host of knights did pray
That fron the anvil one could draw the sword.

As each knight took his turn
they fould the anvil,held it firm;
None worthy of a future King and Lord.

Sir Kay the bravest knight
Appeared to try his might
He dreamed of being King, as all the rest
To Arthur Sir Kay called to search
And bring for him a sword
In earnest Arthur set about his quest.

A thurchyard in the wood
The sword and anvil stood
And Arthur drew the sword out of the stone
The anvil now defeated
His quest for the sword completed
A sword that was to place him on the throne
A sword that was to place him on the throne

Sir Hector and Sir Kay saw the sword
And knelt to pray
then gently took it from young Arthur´s hand
They marvelled at his quest
Proclaiming to the rest
Arthur is the King of all this land
Arthur the king of all this land

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