Astral planes, the unknown sense,
Lives on past human life.
No man can sense the whole.
The missing sense his soul.
Governed by na unknown factor.
Fiction in our life.
No man can sense his soul.

Take us to your leader,
To the man who rules the mind.
Reincarnate knowledge,
As the soul reborn unwinds.
All life's secrets now unfold.
The mind begins to glow,
As helpless, watching living man
Destroys and doesn't know.

Spaceman living in his suicide mind.
Odyssey colours for the soul to find.
Vision blurred by cutting knife.
Seeping blood from dying life.

Spaceman help me leave this hell.
Save my living music cell.
Brains destroyed, my body cold.
Leave the ruins, music soul.
Or let to die unborn.

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