Rick Wakeman - The Lost Cycle

The spaceman came from time unknown. His knowledge way ahead of man.
To seek the cycle starting here. The evolution plan.

Each day he watched the world evolve. Eternal life for him to prove.
Watching man grow powerful. Destrying life with every move.

The spaceman's world a burning mass. Destroyed by his own kind.
A sole survivor lost in space. A growing world must find.

He saw the birth of hate and war. Of death before our life was born.
With human fear the spaceman saw. And changed from human form.

His voyage back o Nemos' world. A peaceful start of human form.
He knew one day he'd leave again. To witness other planets born.

He watches helpless, tearful, as the world embittered grows.
Moving closer to the end of Earth. The spaceman only knows.

The spaceman only knows the truth.
He's seen it from eternal youth.
Man will always die.

By SavioLennon from the album: No Earthly Connection.

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