There is a picture in the pocket of my shirt
I always keep you next to me
When I'm away from you all I do is hurt
I think about you constantly
But you're always with me deep inside
I can feel you when I close my eyes

We are connected at the heart
Nothing on earth can keep the two of us apart
Time has no meaning
Distance has no power
It's never too late
No matter how long
We're never that far
We are connected at the heart

Every night I get down on my knees and pray
I know God's listening to me
Sometimes I have to work a little on my faith
But I don't have to see Him to believe
Isn't that a little bit like you and me
We're not always eye to eye but I know we


Part of each other
One and the same
Blood of my blood
Soul of my soul


We are connected at the heart
Oh, we are connected at the heart

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