I lay down the phone
My heart like a stone
I still hear your voice
But I made my choice
I just walked away
You begged me to stay
With ice in my veins
I told you to let it be, let me be
I just need to be free
I found someone new
A house made for two
But what can I do
I still think of you
I made up my mind
I must have been blind
Guess I'll never find
Another magic dream
Meant to be
Untamed for eternity
Are you still there. Do you still care
I call out to you, begging you please
Take me home
Into your heart, it's where I belong
I begging you please take me home
Into your arms where I can be strong
Been gone far too long
As days pass me by
Still living a lie
I wish I knew why
I can't ever try
I feel so afraid
Wish I had just stayed
But everything changed
Now I'm all alone again
Without a friend
Wishing you were here with me
Are you still there. Do you still care
I'm calling to you

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