I´m here to say to you
I feel so alone when you´re not at my side
Oh, you´re the greatest one
I want you so much for the rest of my life

You don´t know how happy I am
And I´ll be forever
And the reason is one: that´s ´cause I love you!

I´ve always believed in love
But never realized what I felt for you
Mary, you´re just the perfect one
One month at your side, oh, what can love do...

I want you to know that you´re a dream for me
And will be forever
You´ve got to believe, you´re into my life
Don´t ever forget, you´ll be always in my mind
And the reason is one: that´s ´cause all I...

That´s ´cause all I need is love
Believe in me
I want you to know
That´s cause I love you

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