I do try to relax
But I get up and move instead
Yeah it helps to forget what's goin' on upstairs

Cause, my life
Is spent around achieving those highs
I'll never let it play on my mind
Play on mind
You should come here and say "hi"

Cause even on a rainy day
When the shades are grey
I will dance away (I will dance away)
I won't take a break, when I'm making shapes
I will dance away
And we dance like
And we jiggle like
And we bop like
And we skank like
And we jive like
And we swing like
And we dance like

Yeah, I'm quick and clever like the British weather
Innit yeah I'll get you into Kicks
But you ain't Cinderella
Bit of liquor mixed and blended
Makes the chicks look better
Thinking 'bout that theory
Makes me wish that I was pissed forever
There's a girl I liked in class
We used to sit together
I made stuff up so she would think
I was a mystic fella
Only recently we spoke, her name was
Rose and yeah
She got the seal of approval once
She kissed it better
What, what yeah I kill it
Turning words into pictures like
I was flipping hieroglyphics
Ever since I was kiddish, and now
I'm rhyming sickest
Your girl texts me with like nine kisses
I'm with it, yeah

My Life
Is spent around achieving those highs
I'll never let it play on my mind
Play on my mind
You should come here and say "hi"

Yeah, I'm bringing the golden age
I know that England's cold but hey
I'm here to try and scold your face
With punches that can roll with pace
On my old estate, nothing much was golden
But the rings that boys were holding
Leave an imprint on your forehead
Yeah, no I don't try to mimic
But I might like to visit
The golden age to muck around and
Catch the vibe within it
Yeah there are times I'm thinking
That maybe life's the shittest
But then I see the brighter side
And try and smile, it's wicked

My rhymes are for me to say
My life is for me to save
We just wanna bring you suttin' you like
Suttin' more refreshing than a bucket of ice, yeah
And we got nothing to hide
Buzzing the vibe
Wanna have a wonderful time

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