I'm not a superhero or rich vigilante
I'm just a little kiddie trying to up the ante
The teachers couldn't stand me
Just sit down and listen while I fidget
If I find it doesnt quite tickle my fancy
I wasn't tryna be a bad seed (nah)
But if your best isnt the best they just get angry
Not thank me
Don't act vicious when you threaten like a nancy
There's treasure in my attic
Dont approach it like an antique
This rap singing is a plan b so speak sense
You reject prefect with a concentration defect
You need us we don't need you
When at nightime our smile starts to gleen through
And I become amazingly eloquent
No I haven't got an outfit but I'm capable of anything
Yeah, I've became a lunatic
And I unveil the powers that the daylight just creeps within

Daily livin' on a daily rate
Switch up to an open race
Reach levels only you can face

Yeah I'm a lunatic slash insomniac
Dont get sleep my bodys kind of use to it
And thats the truth I spit..
And the same kids I distract at school
While I make them wanna move their hips
I'm an animal at night time
Feeling educated only when I write ryhmes
Yo it's high time you were feeling this
I'm a teenage mutant ninja freaking genius
Yeah dwelling, reveling rebeling
Come and have a party pick you up around 11
Pick you up in a ford model t ride through the pain
Boss around the corners gonna drive you insane in a good way
Yeah dressed up never smart casual
Couple paws redefining party animals
We don't tell tales we just set sales
Gonna ride the wave remember to exhale
This is the path I'm aware that I've chosen
Well hey hey rules are there to be broken
So next day when I'm told I'm a useless kid
I'm like miss so sorry I'm a lunatic

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