Yeah, yo, let me cause some havoc, many thought I haven't
Probably cause I do this in a very normal fashion
But to lyrically better me's a challenge

If you've taken that to heart, I'll leave your ventricles irratic
Yeah, making hits over the net, call me a tennis racket
Your music's cooler off than on, like me with leather jackets

And guns are sexy, but when I saw your mum is the only time
I've had a semi-automatic, and to cause a panic
Like a cigarette can torch a garage

Once I've finished flick the butt towards the engine passage
Tiny errors war of passion, asking how I smoke so many tunes
And I just tell 'em it's a force of habit

I'm here and in your ear, don't tell me teleporting's magic
Yeah, like a magician when he pulls a rabbit
We came out of nowhere, oh yeah, don't talk about my age

You'll still get punk'd like Demi Moore with Ashton
Now I ain't missing a class, to listen to Nas
Finishing bar charts and scribbling graphs

I'm spitting those bars, hitting the charts
Cause sitting on the couch could only get me so far

Yeah, it's that chart filling, arch villain
Got your girl, heart spilling
Half listening to our riddims, through some Beats

Par! More bars than a vast prison full of sheep
That weren't no half assed lyric, it was half of half I bring
HaHA! With it on a beat, that means

I'm large grinning when I speak, now that's tongue in cheek
Yeah, see I'm all about the love and peace
Someone offered me a chance, I said I'd love a piece

I remember when artists were busy ducking me
Now I've been chosen in this game, I'm with a bunch of geese
My dad's proud of what his son's achieved

I wanna travel back in time and tell your's to use a rubber please
And I'm as safe as it comes, you can be the biggest star
If you're yourself, I said I'd sing to my son

People think we got some fake little front
Why don't you take a walk in our trainers
Before our names on your tongue

And now I'm here today
I feel I'm here in aid of those who need some hearing aids
Brother these lyrics are sicker, it's like you're hearing AIDs
U-N-I-verse each other, let me clear a space

My opinion is I'm bringing a different side to rap back
That's your decision so I'm sat back, matter of fact scratch that
Yeah, I'm reading writing poetry, I'm even kinda dope on beats

People try and focus in on media hype it grows on me
No reasons why they vote to beef, feeble minds are so petite
Never anything other than me, peace

Since I've landed in Britain I've dabbled in lyrics
Now I'm just a man on a mission and natural in spirit
Don't give a crap about image or valuable living

If you feel that's something we haven't depicted, you haven't actually listened
People question if I'm dope with the raps
Flow on a track, feel like my emotion is trapped

I'm being real, you can quote me on that
If you're open to fact, don't be a twat
Yeah, yeah, everyone's a critic, it's their choice to babble

I'm really not a quitter, I'm there poised to battle
Don't want us to be a household name
Bruv, Rizzle Kicks will get you bare points in Scrabble

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