Baby, I never want you to go
Cause you're the reason I live my life
And maybe, when I can walk on my own
I'll only mean to keep you in mind
Like baby, I never want you to go
Cause you're the reason I live my life

Yeah, I'm thinking with life it's always better to move on
Do whatever breddah don't keep letting them prove wrong
We like to think we live with nothing to lose and if we
Lose something it's gone so move on
And I know people find it hard to accept
One day we live our last breath, one gasp and your dead
So I live life laughing instead
Every time we make our own path it's a test
Going to battle, your shield always has some dents
I'm not a king amoungst men
I remember that I love bear, I love rhymes, I love sex
Since year one I love reading subtext
Cause crap happens for a reason
And some of the things that happen round neasden
Weren't pleasin' stabbings and beatings screw it I'm leavin'
It's alright see I hate it when people walk in the ugliest fashion
Hate it when people talk with no love or passion
Hater when small things turn into something massive
I just get home and stick on another classic like

You're my only sunshine
You're the lights in my life
When I'm down I just think of you
And next minute I'm fine

You're the hope in me
The only one in this world that can cope with me
You watch over me
When I'm over seas
And we never fall out well hopefully
I never wanna go back to the days when
You weren't there nothing actually made sense
And now I say

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