Move to the rhythm of smoke
Fire me up with the influence
As the dj scratches the vinyl
Poor some wine to the instruments
Yo, there was this girl that I loved right
She had me thinking of her face when I brush my teeth
It was all too close to home
She lived down my road
But she was up my street
So I, I thought I'd remind her of my (ay-yeah-eah-ah-ey)
But her response might be the (sa-ah-ah-ah-me)
I don't wanna wait another (day-ay-ay-ah-ay)
Oh, she's walking on the line
So we started talking

I know you came to this place
To unwind
So how can I wind up with you?
Wind up
Wind up
So how can I wind up with you?
Wind up
Wind up
Wi-wi-wind up
So how can I wind up with you?

Yo, yo
She's a wind-up merchant
I'm a very nice person
I can be sunshine in your life
So I've gotta make certain
You don't make curtains
These girls are so self-destructive
Stupid guys they're ending up with
She's the man of his dreams, oh yeah?
Well, he's as deep as cinema ice cream
And I'd reminded her of my (ay-yeah-eah-ah-ay)
She started to focus in on my (fa-ay-ay-ah-ace)
Whoah, yeah, this is the chance that I should (ta-ay-ay-ay-ake)
Go, you're talking to her now
Yeah, so I thought I'd ask

What I'm trying to say
Does not make sense in your brain
I'm finding it hard to explain
So I'm just gonna repeat myself