white man's killin the black man
black mans chasing the red
war in these streets
no talkin bout peace
the days off the leach, under pressure
all of this violence
and hate crime is rising
the world ain't the same as it was
But its never too late to try
To get on the same side
Get on the same side
It's cherry Blue skies
where theres Cherry blue skies
Everythings a struggle
But freedoms worth a fight
and love is sitll the consuier at all times
your friends and lovers
your sisters and brothers
all love the same from the moon

but its never too late to try
to get on the same side
get on the same side
its cherry blue skies
where theres cherry blue skies

Its never gonna be to late to try
a place where theres hope
a place where theres peace
its never to late to try
for the cherry blue skies

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