Little Things That Piss Me Off (Radio Version) Lyrics

When I'm sittin on a toilet, in a house that I dont know,
Looking all around me where the toilet paper goes,
feeling real uneasy,
feeling real uncertain,
Cause I gotta wipe my butt again,
With the shower curtain,

Its those little thangs,
those little itty bitty thangs
its those little things like that,
that piss me off

When I pick up on a woman,
and take her home to bed,
she starts to take her clothes of and she starts to.....Hell you know
asked her what her name was
she told me it was Venus
reached down between her legs..


Last night I went out drinking,
in my ole Daddys Lincoln,
I hit a tree and I killed a freind,
I start to scream and hollar
Cause he owed me Twenty dollars,
and I know Ill never say it again,

(chorus) slowly spoking

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