shes been offen called a hooker but she don't seem to care
she sat in church in a minnie skirt not wearin any under wear
she' flashed the boy's at pizza hut
showed her boobs and showed her but
everytime i see her i bust a nut and boys just ain't that great
i don't want to say shes easy
that just woundn't be fair
but if all the dicks were dollars she'd millionair
from coast coast she's had the most she likes weiner's in her toast she ain't one and she likes to boast and boys just ain't that great
she named her first son bj that's her favorite thing to do
she's been around every single block a hundred times or two
she's got great big lips and i could be next and she's so good at oral sex
she ain't got no gag reflex and boys just ain't that great

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