Come here
Lower your eyes and surrender
To the blossoms spring has brought
To adorn our grief
With the memory of you
Love stole away to another body
To another thief
To a world you are withering
You are starving, draining its blood
Come here
We know nothing of hatreds
Nor their jealousies
Nor their enmities
We laugh and dance in perfect composure
This is our beauty
Of simplicity and severety of discipline
Be free of whatever they teach
Of whatever they preach
Free yourself of their entrapments
Of their weapons of mass distraction
Free yourself from the bondage of time and place and status
For what peace do they give?
Wht truth do they reveal?
What lie do they live?
Whose blood weeps from these wounds?
Detach yourself!
Detach yourself!
For there is a war
Deep in our hearts
And that's where all battles ought to be fought
Come here
Lower your eyes
And surrender

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