"…and we're all going around not being quite who we would want to be and so one of the most important things of making space for somebody is to make the space that they can step into and be the person they would like to be. because what we're dealing with is transformation. of ourselves. and every single person we meet."

Now everything just seems about to break
Because people don't need proof when they have faith
We surrender when we crawl, when we doubt
If we stop, if we stay quiet, we die

"…it's today. the most valuable, precious thing you have in your life is this second. nothing is better later."

Now instinct has left its warm lair
And courage is back on the wings of prayer
Within our joyous drunkeness
Solitude is accepted
Let it come from within
In each instant of time
With each crumbling

"…alle sorgen, alle kleinlichen dinge des lebens, alle unklarheit und schwäche fällt ab von uns…"

We are all dead
But dancing
In black waves of sleep
All covered with flowers
Seared from within
We stood guard on the ramparts
Shedding our leaves
In beautiful completeness
While they insulted our gried

"…er ist bezwungen, er ist unser…"

So go ahead and free me - allem voran die tat

Better dead than kneeling - allem voran die tat

Our lives deprived of meaning - allem voran die tat

So stop trying to conceal me - allem voran die tat

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