I remember the first time we met
We laughed so hard our eyes turned red
Skipping school said fuck drivers ed
So we jam to the grateful dead yeah
When your around baby time slows down
Role up the windows and just drive aro-a-a-und
Your always there
When i need you the
You light me up light me up lets go!

Can i get an oz of love
This weeks beena little ruff
Taste you once but its not enough so come give me an oz of love like eh eh eh eh oo o o o oz of love yeah

They tried to say that your no good for me
Say what you want because i wont believe when you role up
You no u smell so sweet
You rub my lips everyday of the week
I'm never ever gonna let you go my inspiration in the studio-o-o-o
And when your gone i can't sleep at night
But your never gone so i sleep just fine yeah

Ay-o i wanna breath you in
Ay-o so give me some loving yeah (4x)

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