I renounce you and your love
Now worthless since cold
Like the secret purpose who made me serve
Father, you who want me to unfold
In some other world

You who always change your name
And call to arms in some iron game
You who refuse to step aside
As we toast the blushing bride

I despise you, brother, you who wished to kill
All those dressed in rags
Look who's hiding now so still
Behind red flags
It's you - who fought to throw the blacks
Off our sands and back
Into the sea - no, it ain't me
I protest you, i detest you
I renounce you and the beasts
Of prey you admire
And i defy you and all traitors alike
And i hereby betray you who always
Crack up under fire
And make this flame breathe stone

I deny you, mother, you who won't seek
The memory within
Yet who swore not to rise by sin
Now there's blood dripping from your teeth
Unto my skin beneath, into this hand of mine
You who always betray time
With false urgencies

You, abandoned by your gods and laws
And by your church with its borrowed myths
Now you try to hang on to this
And beg for more
In vain, it won't feel the same
You, so talented, so gifted
Yet you see it as a curse or worse
As a sentence that cannot be lifted

I reject you, for i have failed you
My teachers who somehow
Taught me to listen and to shout
Teachers, i need you more than anyone
More than ever now
I beg you not to judge me

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