Oh, it's just the wine
I shouldn't be drinkin'
Things cross my mind
I don't need to be thinkin'
When it comes to you
I got a weak heart
It's hard goin' through
Bein' this far apart
The blues come and go on me
Baby, i just get lonely

Oh, i try to fight it
I try not to call
I keep comin' back
To what went wrong
Wish i could just let it
Go on and be over
I know i'll regret it
In the morning when i'm sober
It's hurt talkin'
It's not me
Oh, baby, i just get lonely
Oh, i

The voice you're hearin'
At the end of the line
Is just hurt talkin'
It's not mine

This moment of weakness
These things that i feel
It's not anything
That time won't heal
Oh, baby
I just get lonely
Oh i, i just get lonely
I just get lonely

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