I've got a new silver elephant
I'm going teach her to talk and listen
I'm going put flowers 'round her neck
And take her to the park without all of my friends
I'm going to name her a silly name
I'll bring her to church with me every Sunday
She'll make famous and I'll get my picture
On the cover of every magazine
And everyone will want to be me
Cause I'll be the head of the town
You wait and see I'll be the coolest kid around

I've got a new baby blue giraffe
I'm going teach her how to shake my hands and
When I want to climb trees I'll climb up on her neck
And I'll get to sit in the tallest branch
I'm going to take her to picture shows
We'll sit side by side in the very front row and
I'll bring her to recess dressed up in a red dress
And all of the other kids will be so jealous and
I think I'll charge them a quarter
To ride her once around town
Then you'll see I'll be the coolest kid around
Yeah, you wait and see
I'll be the coolest kid around

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