How am I supposed to know what love is really like,
When, I've never even been in love before?
Aren't you supposed to love yourself before
You can understand how to love someone after all?
How can I find a way to keep my mother safe
From the boogie man who hides under the stairs?
How can I find a way to take this breath away
When he's gently sleeping soundly next to her?
Oh how? Oh how? Oh how? Oh how can I save her?
How am I to live this life when the only certainty
Is that death is waiting for me at the end?
And every day that passes I know time is running out
And I fear that I may fail the life I've been given
Oh how? Oh how? Tell me how? Oh how am I supposed to live?
How am I to define what faith is to a child
When the only explanation lies within?
How am I to tell them if they never follow Christ
That heaven doesn't hold a place for them?
Oh how? Oh how? Tell me how when I'm no better than them

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