Find a sense in all the senses
Get the feel of every feeling
Rise and never fall again

Striving for superior stances
Hunting way across the fences
Just to end where you began

All in all no memory remains
A world emerges and it disappears
It's all in all a sentimental interference
It's just a flash within a brain

Trust your life to cosmic scheming
Scan the skies for gods and demons
And the world's eternal plan

Search with magnifying lenses
Look for cause and consequences
In a mesh without an end

All in all ...

Flesh, stench, it's just a multitude of
Breath, death, a vicious circle made of
Thrill to kill, a gruesome battle raging
Day by day by day by day by day
Pain in vain, a faded tapestry of
Hope and dope, a direful exercise in
Grief, relief, a stifling chorus playing
Day by day by day by day by day

All in all ...

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