I think about your smell, your taste, your scream, my spit
running down your thighs across your ass into my hands.
I think about your tongue inside her mouth, hands tied behind your
back telling me how much you really love me.

I watch you look into my eyes like you know what's really there
like you see some kind of weakness, like you really fucking care
I watch your body come, your mouth lie, you push me away
as you realize how much I want you.

This is not the answer and I am not your dad.
This is not some second chance for love you never had.
I think that you mistake me for someone who gives a fuck.

I hate you. You're scared, like I'm scared, like it fucking matters
another stupid bitch who didn't matter anyway
I don't understand, is it me? Must be...have been.

Give your heart, Soul, Sex
It will never be enough

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