I heard your name in autumn air
The first time in so long
I turn around to see if you were there
A shadow is all I found
So much I missed too much to tell
Your laugh I missed the most
You knew me best more than I knew myself
More than you could know
Then why do those times come to mind
When I thought they've been left behind

Oh this could be the worst part of it all
And it was me who walked away
And chose to end it all on my heart ran dry
But I can't help but wonder why

I wonder if you think of me, the way I think of you
I'd love to know but no I never will expect I left alone
I know this was a choice of mine
But why it just still come to mind


But I can't help but wonder why

If I had tried hard enough
If I gotta buy with you love
Cause I know that our love was never strong enough
Nothing left for you and all my heart ran dry

[Chorus: repeat until fade]

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