When you come across unto me with your hair the tangled grass of evening breezes
And you do not hide your face because somebody said one time it wasn't natural
What a joy for us just running down this crooked trail of midnight
And the peaceful things inside me that it does
Then you whisper low I have to go the acid tears start coming slow
To complicate a simple thing as love

Awake now I don't hear the floorboards a creaking as you walk back from the window
Or feel your satin fingers drawing patterns on my back where I lay dying
Without you I'm a child who sucks the vacant thumb of emptiness
Left crying when he has not had enough
At the mercy of an empty room sing verses to some faded wall
Confused bout a simple thing as love

It's too bad we couldn't stay here till the clock runs out and falls from sheer exhaustion
Or till morning when I watch you as you stoop to pick your things up from the floor
But too soon for us it's over in the shock of the electric lightbulb
Sunrise from the ceiling up above
As it dangles to remind us of the spiderweb that binds us
And just complicates a simple thing as love

Awake now I don't hear the floorboard...

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