Well here I am in Chicago
All alone near the place where we met
As I walk through the rain the wind whispers your name
Oh why won't it let me forget

Cause when the wind blows I get lonely
And one this for sure you will behind
That the wind always blows in Chicago
And I'm lonely most all of the time

Folks look so happy here on State Street
They don't know that our love's not the same
I'm alone in the crowd with my hopes in the clouds
Cause the wind just whispers your name

When the wind blows I get lonely...

[ steel ]
So I'm saying goodbye to Chicago
I'm gonna catch me a lonely old train
And I hope I hope it'll go where the wind doesn't blow
Or at least in don't whisper your name

Cause when the wind blows I get lonely...
Why must that wind always blow

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