There goes my everything
I hear footsteps slowly walking as they gently walk across a lonely floor
And a voice that's softly saying darling this will be goodbye forever more
There goes my reason for living there goes the one of my dreams
There goes my only possesion there goes my everything
[ steel ]
As my mem'ry turns back the pages I can see the happy years we had before
Now the love that kept this old heart beating
Has been shattered by the closing of a door
There goes my reason for living...
(One never knows the depth of love until the hour of seperation
Here I am walking along quiet streets pass places of business and shops
That swarm with people during the day
But this time of morning all is still and even the buildings see my sleep
As if they were resting for another day of hustin' bustle
Up that block was our place but now it's just a number)

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