Two steps beyond the edge
I can't undo this leap of faith
Takes my breath away
So high above the ground
You've got me hanging in mid air
Between here and there
Now all I have is You

I'm not afraid
I know I'm safe
It's a chance, but my choice is made
I'm not alone
You won't let go
And I know through it all
You hold me in the freefall

If I just believe my eyes
I'd see I should be terrified
But I'm so alive
I don't know how or when
But I believe that You'll come through
Lord, I'm trusting You
Can't wait to see what You will do

I'm falling, I'm falling, I'm falling

You got me falling from the sky with no parachute
Thinking I can fly but I know it's You
Got me up here, no fear, no tears
Mind's clear, 'cause I know You're here
Can't wait to see what You will do

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