Mmm, babe
Oh ho
Where does love go?
Where does love go baby?
So you wanna find love now
Listen now, listen closely
As I tell ya somethin', huh

I been thinkin' to myself
What the hell I did wrong
Always in a relationship that, that never last long
Let me tell ya a little story, about someone I met
A situation so triflin' that, that I'd never forget

So I met this girl and she seemed so right
I got so caught up by what was on her outside
As time went on, I really got to know
That the girl I thought was an angel
Was nothin' but a ho
My homie tried to warn me, but I was too caught up
I started trippin' on my best friend
I told him "Shut the fuck up"
I said "You don't know what you're talkin' 'bout
This girl loves me"
But it was quite a scare, she was lovin' somebody else

Can somebody tell me where the love goes from here
Cuz I can't seem to find true love nowhere
Can somebody tell me where the love goes from here
Cuz I can't seem to find
True love and peace of mind

Listen to this
I still wasn't tryin' to hear
What my man was kickin' in my ear
Heard the same gossip down the barber shop
But I still didn't care
I had to find out, find out the hard way
'Til my man called me up on the phone
Listen, this is what he said
He say...

You remember what I told ya (uh-huh)
About your girlfriend
I saw her down at Keisha's party
Drove off with a nigga named Rodney
(Oh ho, this can't be true)
This is what I been tryna tell you
This woman you love
Is just tryna play you, oh yeah

So I left work early, tryna catch this girl
Drivin' all over town, I couldn't find my girl
I finally gave up and I took my ass home
That's when I found my girl layin' with Rodney
They was gettin' it on, tell me


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